When our life is in balance,  we  feel that we are  heading in the right direction. We are in control of the different elements that make up our life – our relationships, our family, our career, our emotional and inner life –  and we don’t feel that our heart or mind are being pulled in different directions. This gives rise to a sense of being calm, grounded, clear-headed, motivated and happy.

File:Tightrope (5893328472).jpgHowever, getting the right balance in our life is not always easy. Often we can find ourselves under pressure,  off-balance, juggling too many elements, being stretched by the demands of work or of society, finding it hard to keep the various parts and demands of our life in harmony. We get our priorities wrong, pushing too much in one direction at the expense of another, threatening our relationship, our family or our health.

At times like this, leading a balanced life can seem as the light at the end of the tunnel. We convince ourselves that once we have this period or our work under control, we can then make time for ourselves, for our health or our family or for hobbies.  But we can get help with our problems or look at an approach to life and personal growth that will allow us to begin leading a healthier, more balanced life today. We do not need to postpone our happiness for some time in the indefinite future. We can get control back in our life, either by dealing with the places we are stuck or in crisis, or by learning skills which will help create greater balance. We can learn how to flourish no matter what life brings.

This site is an introduction to some of those ways.

Counselling and Therapy: Sometimes we can find ourselves struggling,  or stuck,  or we have a diffuse sense that something is out of kilter or wrong,   without knowing what or why.  Personal, relationship or work-related circumstances may lead to us feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.  When things get a bit too difficult to work through on our own, deciding to seek help and work with a therapist with whom one feels comfortable –  who can understand us and our situation – is an important first step toward improved health and rediscovering balance.

The therapy I offer is a holistic heart & body-centered approach — balancing talk with  learning skills – grounded in modern Western approaches, while integrating insights from mindfulness, contemplative wisdom traditions and neurobiology. One aspect of mindfulness-based psychotherapy is to help us work with and accept our lives with curiosity and joy. If you click on the tab on the right you can find out more and how to make contact.

Mindfulness-Based Coaching: Mindfulness is an evidence-based treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, emotion dysregulation and chronic pain. You can also learn about and arrange for Mindfulness Based Individual Counseling or coaching which is provided in person at my office or online via Skype: learn mindfulness practices to help with focus and balance in your living, studying, parenting, and working.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) : The 8 week MBSR Progrmme as developed by Jon Kabat Zinn© is a systematic training in mindfulness. The next Course will run October – November 2013. Click on the MBSR tab on the right for details.

Meditation training: There is a lot of evidence-based research which shows that developing and establishing a personal meditation practice has significant benefits for lowering stress, regulating emotions, developing greater focus in work or  study or simply giving a general overall sense of balance and wellbeing.  I have worked extensiely with individuals wishing to establish and maintain a meditation practice and would be happy to discuss with you the best way to do this with you.

Ongoing Support: Why not drop by the MindfulBalance Blog for simple thoughts and reflections to support you live life more consciously and fully.  There you can connect with others  and create a space for reflection and calm in your everyday life.

photo: Quinn Dombrowski